Wanted: A Bit of Satisfaction

Warning: What you are about to read is drunken, TGIF-inspired rambling on the meaning of life. Or something like that. I sit here on my couch, alcoholic beverage on my coffee table, my cats sprawled in various locations (making it very clear that they've worked enough for one day), and I'm wondering about where my … Continue reading Wanted: A Bit of Satisfaction

A Bit on Sequels

A sequel? What is it about sequels that people like so much? The movies are glutted with sequels and publishers and editors will love you if you offer a book that is not just a stand-alone but ready for sequels (which, after two, becomes a series). Is it that people fall in love with the … Continue reading A Bit on Sequels

What Makes a Vampire?

At this year's GCLS, I was on a panel called “Zombie, Vampires, and Fairies, Oh My.” Along with Isabella, Linda Kay Silva, Diane DeKalb-Rittenhouse, we talked about creating paranormal characters. One of the questions was about stereotypes—specifically, as writers, how do we keep our characters from becoming stereotypical? And the alternative question: Or is stereotyping … Continue reading What Makes a Vampire?