Sneak Peek with KD Williamson

Did you know that Dirt Road Books just released KD Williamson’s latest book, Big Girl Pill? Well, we did! And it’s an awesome read. But you don’t have to take my word for it–you can read an excerpt for yourself right here. KD is doing a blog tour, so you can catch some more excerpts and good stuff. After the excerpt below, scroll down for a schedule of stops on her tour. AND enter to win a free gift card! Now read!

Excerpt from Big Girl Pill by KD Williamson

“Everything. Just…” Nina didn’t get to complete her request. As Maya eased inside her, the only thing she finished was her first orgasm of the night.

Nina awoke abruptly. She sat up in bed and put her hand against her chest over her racing heart. Her breathing was ragged and her throat scratchy, as if she’d been crying out. Maybe she had, considering how turned on she was. The temptation to reach between her legs and finish herself off was damn near overwhelming.

She leaned back against the headboard and closed her eyes. Her face burned. It wasn’t as if she’d forgotten anything that happened that night, but to have those images creep up on her like that was a little disconcerting. Maybe this was just a one-time thing, but what if she’d opened the floodgates a couple days ago? The dream might be the start.

Despite all the shame and fear she felt after the real thing, she understood that her attraction to Maya didn’t come out of left field. It couldn’t have, not with the way her body had responded, but the kicker was, it had become potent enough to break through whatever wall she had put up.

This was a mess. As if the situation with Drew wasn’t difficult enough. The thing with Drew might be fixable, but this situation with Maya? She had no idea what to do about that.


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About KD

KD is a Southerner and a former nomad, taking up residence in the Mid-West, east coast, and New Orleans over the years. She was a Hurricane Katrina survivor displaced to the mountains of North Carolina but has since found her way back to Louisiana where she lives with her wife and the most horribly spoiled pets in history.

​She enjoys all things geek from video games to super heroes. KD is a veteran in the mental health field where she works with children and their families. She discovered writing as a teenager with the help of her English teacher, whom she had a huge crush on. With her teacher’s help, KD wrote her first short story but afterward had a hard time finding inspiration. Years later, writing fanfic became her gateway into lesbian fiction.


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