When thinking about what to blog about this week, I had a revelation. This is a year of great change, good and bad. I think it’s true for many people, but, of course, I can only speak for myself. It’s true for me because this is a year of personal journeys for me. It started [...]


Dirt Road Books

Hi, everyone. I am so happy to announce the launch of Dirt Road Books, a cooperative publishing company that I’ve co-founded with 5 other amazing women: Jove Belle, Andi Marquette, Michelle Teichman, Gill McKnight, and Blythe Rippon.  The six of us came together to form this company from very different backgrounds and different points of [...]

A March Into History

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, I went to Washington, DC, to participate in the Women’s March on Washington. In the days that followed, people asked me how it went. So, let me tell you. A friend and I managed to snag tickets on one of two buses organized/sponsored by Henrietta Hudson, a lesbian bar that’s [...]

The Road Ahead

I am not a political person. I don’t get involved in political groups or activities. I just barely know the basics of the American political landscape. Politics bore me. This presidential election was different. The outcome of this campaign was so fundamental to the very survival of so many Americans, that even the most uninterested [...]