The Comfort Zone

Someone said to me yesterday, “People think I’m stuck up, but really I’m scared.” It made me laugh because I’m much the same way. I’ve been so shy and introverted my entire life that meeting new people has always been a dicey prospect for me. I’m no longer shy about meeting new people because at … Continue reading The Comfort Zone

Chatting and Fall Preview

This week, I had another chat with the lovely Liz McMullen for the The Liz McMullen Show. The show will air on September 6, 2013. We talked about books, characters, relationships, motivations, and other cool stuff. And then I did a reading. The selection was from my new novella, called Add Spice to Taste. This … Continue reading Chatting and Fall Preview

The Painful Journeys of Writing

First, my chat and reading over at the Bar Rag is up for your listening pleasure. If you're interested, stop by when you get a chance to get a sample of Twice Bitten. Now, onto emotional stuff. In one way or another, writers face their fears. Some do it directly by writing about something traumatic … Continue reading The Painful Journeys of Writing