What Do Dresses & Fajitas Have in Common?

I’m back from Portland, Oregon, where I attended the Golden Crown Literary Society’s (GCLS) annual conference. While most people have blogged, or will be blogging, about their experiences there (including me at Women & Words), I’d like to explore something else. Where I work, there is a large Hispanic community and many of the women … Continue reading What Do Dresses & Fajitas Have in Common?

Checking in From GCLS

As this blog goes live, I'm in Portland, Oregan, at the Golden Crown Literary Society's annual conference. It's their 10th anniversary and they have gone through some growing pains. But I think they've come a long way and this should turn out to be a good gathering.   I'm going to be pretty busy with events I'm … Continue reading Checking in From GCLS

Westward Bound!

This is my last blog before leaving for GCLS in Portland, Oregon. For those of you who are unfamiliar with GCLS, it’s the Golden Crown Literary Society. It’s an organization that promotes lesbian literature. Every year, they hold a conference, where authors and readers can gather, meet, discuss, and learn. There are discussion panels, writers’ … Continue reading Westward Bound!