California Dreaming

This week I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of working after a fabulous weekend in Palm Springs for the Left Coast Lesbian Conference, also known as LCLC. I got home late Monday evening and had to quickly get my stuff together for work the next day. Tuesday night, I was right back doing a million things.IMAG1263

One of those things is putting the final touches on my novella, Add Spice to Taste, which will be ready for you Kindle readers sometime next week. I read an excerpt at LCLC to see if it would generate any interest at all. I got some positive reactions, so that’s a good sign. I suppose that part of that was because I read a scene that involves an orange and which you might say was a bit sensual. Women like that sort of stuff, you know. 🙂

On Wednesday, I celebrated my birthday quietly. And that was all right with me. There’s been so much noise around me lately that I welcomed the quiet. The rest of the month is going to be packed as well. I have numerous events to attend physically, and then (virtually) on October 26 and 27, I have the Q&A over at LesFic Reader. I have to finish not only the novella but a nonfiction project as well, and I’ll be dealing with a brand new anthology project.

In between all of this, I have to do laundry. I don’t know when, but it’s piled a mile high.WTCST

The Kindle edition of When the Clock Strikes Thirteen is now available, with the print edition coming shortly. (Available HERE.)  I’ll announce when Add Spice to Taste is available, too.

I’ll tell you one thing, though. I did NOT want to come back. The weather was divine and watching the palm trees sway in the breeze was like a lullaby. I’ll be California dreaming until the next time I can get out there.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

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