The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways

The past few weeks, I’ve been griping and whining about how horrible my job has been and how I’ve been finding it difficult to keep a positive attitude (which I promised myself I would do in 2014). Circumstances have gotten me very down, and at times, I have felt like I’m in a hopeless situation.

I can usually be brought out of funks by the two people in my life who are positive thinkers. They are always encouraging me to look at the positives of any situation, to appreciate the good things that have happened or are happening, and to maintain hope. But this past month, not even they have been able to lift me out of the muck.

Then, the other day, a co-worker (who I will just say is young and on a quest for the “answers to life”) asked me what I thought of this question: What if positive things are coming toward you but your negativity pushes them away?

Mind you, my two “positive people” are always telling me about the power of positive thinking, and putting out good energy into the Universe, how negative vibes bring negative things, etc., etc. And they’ve even said pretty much the same thing that my co-worker said.

But for some reason, the fact that my co-worker, who I never associate with outside of the office, decided to pose this question to me struck me as extremely poignant. She had a reason for asking me specifically, but still, the fact that this person, who only knows about my life what I’ve told her, decided to ask me this question was really weird. And maybe it was too relevant to be coincidence. My friends love and care about me and want to support me. My co-worker has nothing invested in me.

I began thinking about it. And I wondered, was the Universe sending me a message? Was the Universe working through this young woman to tell me something? I decided that it had to be. It was just too obvious. So, I’m trying to get back on track and proceed with my plans to be more positive and more at peace with myself and the world in 2014. Whatever happens at work, it does not define who I am. It’s not the pinnacle of my life’s achievements, or even an important part of my life. It’s just what I have to do to pay my bills.

And maybe, just maybe, if I please the Universe enough, it will smile upon me and offer me a better way.

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