Event Tonight!

Liz M

Hi, kids. If you live in the New York City area, please come dowTHROUGH THE HOURGLASSjpegfinalflatn to Henrietta Hudson’s, tonight, Friday, June 17. There will be a reading of several authors of romance and erotica, including Liz McMullen, DL King, and Vanda Neveruseit.

I will be reading an excerpt from my story “The Rum Runner and the Showgirl” from the anthology Through the Hourglass. The event is from 7 to 9 p.m.

I know that in light of recent events, many people are afraid to go to public places, especially where gay people congregate. Or they’re too emotional to be around other LGBT people. Everyone is in mourning right now, especially those of us in the LGBT community. There is so much hatred out there and fear is understandable and normal. And there are no easy anwers to any of it.

But one thing is for certain: If we allow their hatred to stop us from living, if we allow the fear to grow and fester and kill us inside, the haters get what they want. They win.

And that would be the end of everything.

We must not live in fear. We must continue to do the things we have to do to survive, and want to do to live. Otherwise, why bother doing anything at all?

If there’s one good thing to come out of the horrible tragedy in Orlando, it’s this: It serves as a reminder. A reminder to us that we must always be vigilant and never take the quiet moments and successes for granted. To never be complacent.

I hope you can join us this evening. Celebrating our lives, our voices, and our gifts is everything. We must never allow ourselves to be divided. And even if you can’t, Happy Pride! Be safe and be joyful.



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