To Sleep, Perchance…

I’ve been a very busy bee these past few weeks. So much so that my house is starting to show signs of neglect and my energy level is frustratingly low.

I flew to Washington (state, not D.C.) to attend the wedding party of Women and Words admin Jove Belle. That was a really fun trip that included a rainy day in Fallen Leaf Lake Park, a trip to Astoria, OR (where Goonies and other movies were made), a stroll through a street market, a tasting at a couple of distilleries (which resulted in a purchase of apple pie moonshine and a couple of drinking vinegars), a viewing of seals sunning themselves on a pier, a long drive through scenic, winding, forest-y roads, a climb up to the top of a tower (the view from which was amazing), an introduction of New York bagels and black and white cookies to a bunch of people who had no idea what they’ve been missing, and a very long flight home.

Fallen Leaf Lake Park, Camas, WA
Fallen Leaf Lake Park, Camas, WA
Astoria Column, Astoria, OR
View of Columbia River from/near Astoria Column

Then, the next day, I went to work, then was on a panel at the Jefferson Market Library with fellow writers Catherine Maiorisi, Ann Aptaker, Sheryl Wright, and Nell Stark (you can check out my blog about that at Women & Words on October 6).

Every evening since then, I’ve been on Skype calls and taking care of other sorts of business, and all I can think of is how can I win the lottery so I can quit this job and get some sleep.

Speaking of sleep, Ann Aptaker and I were chatting at the panel and she mentioned to me what she’s been up to. She’s been a busy bee, too, and she jokingly said that sleep was overrated. It seems that lately, so many of us have been deprived of that delicious unconsciousness that soothes our weary bodies and minds, and may or may not take us to strange and unexpected places.

Seals on pier 39 in Astoria, OR
No explanation needed

Incidentally, because I had a long flight back from WA, but one that was direct (hallelujah), I opted to upgrade my Delta seat to Economy Comfort. I’d never done it before and I had my doubts about the difference. But let me tell you, my friends, that extra leg room makes a big difference. Plus, I was on one of those large planes that do international flights and have a center row. I was in that row, last seats before the bathrooms, which meant I could recline all the way back without feeling guilty about disturbing the people behind me. AND the seat in the middle was empty. Oh, how sweet it was! I put on my eye mask, reclined, and slept. I only slept for an hour, but for someone like me, that goes a long way.

I know someone who once said that she doesn’t care about sleeping because she’ll get enough sleep when she’s dead and buried. I understand that, but as I get older, I empathize with it less and less.

Sleep is a beautiful thing, and I want more of it. So, if anyone knows where I can buy some, please let me know.

In the meantime, the busy season for many of us has begun, and I’m going to try and get through it without collapsing. To that end, I hope to get more sleep. And I wish the same for all of you who crave more it as well.


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