Skulls & Crossbones

Skulls & Crossbones

Skulls & Crossbones is available in print and as an e-book from Mindancer Press/Bedazzled Ink.

Raise the sails! Adjust the thrusters! Prepare to embark on courageous adventures on water, land, and sky. skullsandcrossbones Front CoverFrom Viking battles of revenge and high sea betrayal, to modern-day piracy and space banditry, these twenty tales conjure up our inner pirate. Join the crews of women pirates who triumph in victory, face the gallows, and become unlikely heroes–women who follow the code of the Skull & Crossbones.

“Ladgarda” by Christine Rains – “The Gallows” by Jove Belle – “Valkyry” by Rakelle Valencia – “Lost Treasure” by R. G. Emanuelle – “The Hangman’s Dance” by Jane Fletcher – “The Furies” by Rajan Khanna – “Devil’s Bargain” by Andi Marquette – “Fifty Octaves Deep” by Alice Godwin – “HMS Nefarious,” by Rod Santos – “Pirate Wannabe” by Aubrie Dionne – “Road Pirate Wanted” by Victoria Oldham – “The Brahmapur Buccaneer” by Matthew Fryer – “The Kindness of Strangers” Vicki Stevenson – “Resolution 1838” by David Brookes – “The After” by Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin – “Captain, Hook, and Mr. Shrike” by Cat Conley – “A Perfect Life” by Elaine Burnes – “Stardance” by Trace Miller – “The Passenger” by Megan Magill – “Pipettes for the Pirate” by Holly Ellingwood

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