Sharpening Our Knives

Being a food writer, in addition to a fiction writer, I often use culinary terms as analogies for fiction writing. Obviously, today is no exception. We do it all the time anyway, when we say things like “honing our skills” or “trimming the fat” off a story. Today I encourage you to sharpen your knives. … Continue reading Sharpening Our Knives

California, Here I Come!

When this blog posts, I will be in California at the Left Coast Lesbian Conference (LCLC), co-presenting a workshop on editing your manuscript for submission. I will also be doing a reading, and as I reviewed Twice Bitten to see what I wanted to read, I realized that in the short time since I last … Continue reading California, Here I Come!

When Is It Too Much?

I’m going overboard. Well, depends on how you look at it. From a marketing perspective, a writer can never do too much. There’s no such thing. So, with that in mind, I’m setting off again for another writer’s event: The Left Coast Lesbian Conference, LCLC for short. And I will be co-leading a workshop on … Continue reading When Is It Too Much?