My Heart Is a Vampire

I want to talk about vampires. Why? Because I’m writing about them. I’ve written them as characters before, but their stories were standalone. A novel. A short story. I love my vampires. I both pity and envy them, and they usually carry a piece of my heart with them and they embody something deep inside my soul.

But now, my vampires are part of a series. I can’t go into too many details yet because my publisher has not announced it, but I will say that I am writing a series.

I’m filled to the brim with anxiety over it. In fact, my cup runneth over. The primary reason is that I’ve never written a series before and I wonder whether I can pull it off. I had a very difficult time writing the first one in the series because a) some people felt that some of my scenes and plot lines didn’t work, and b) I had to think in terms of a series. It was quite a traumatic experience for me and it took me months before I was able to get back to it to rewrite it. Then it took me a few more months to get it done. It was a long, painful process for me.

Once I had it rewritten, I sent it off for consideration, with serious doubts that it would be accepted. It came a little bit of a surprise that it was accepted. And what do you think entered my mind?

Holy shit, now I have to write more stuff.

How’s that for anxiety?

I thought for sure that the editor was going to rip apart my manuscript. The first round of edits have come to me and they’re not as horrific as I was anticipating. But it doesn’t ease my anxiety about the next installment, or the one after that, or the one after that. I’m trying to find a way to come to terms with this series, to find a way to believe that I can do it.

I suppose I’ll get through it. The first time for anything is difficult. It’s a learning curve. The only problem is that when it comes to writing, your learning curve takes place in public. On the plus side, as you get better, people will (hopefully) notice.

I wish I could reveal the cover, but it hasn’t been done yet. As soon as it’s official—both the project and the cover—I’ll make a formal announcement and post the magnificent artwork that I’m sure it will be.

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “My Heart Is a Vampire

  1. As I start book two of my series, I realize that I was worried which direction to take. There were too many possibilities! But now I see it as simply a continuation of the stories with characters I like (some I like to hate). Then it becomes less scary. Good luck!

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