Today I Did Nothing

Yes, that’s right. Today I did nothing. Why is this noteworthy? Because I NEVER do nothing. I can’t remember a day when I did nothing, unless I was away. When I’m home, there’s always too much to do, so when I have a day off from work, it’s always packed with “things to be done.”

Before today, I would have felt the need to make use of the extra time and run some errands or do some chores that I’d been putting off. I did feel that pang of guilt this morning, truth be told. I debated going out to do some things: I needed to go to the bank, the store, and Staples. But in the end, I said nope. No can do. Today I want…no, need…to relax.


Here’s what I did: Had coffee. Had breakfast. Took a shower. Took a nap. Ate lunch. Watched a movie. Had a snack. Hung a plant. Unloaded the dishwasher. Ate dinner. Did a Skype call. Had a snack. Watched TV. Played on Facebook.

This is unheard of for me. I’ve been so driven my entire adult life to “accomplish” stuff, that I’ve neglected my own health, mental and physical. I’m finally, at the ripe age of 23…yeah, that’s right…learning how to slow down and rest.

That initial guilt I felt at the beginning of the day gave way to acceptance and acknowledgment that it was okay to rest, to spend some time recharging and regenerating.1-74

I’m sharing this because I wish I’d learned this lesson years ago. The lesson is that life goes by quickly and you should stop to enjoy it now and then. The world will keep rotating on its axis, and when you’ve regenerated, your “stuff” will still be there waiting for you.

As writers, we need to experience life in order to write about it, and part of that experience is the quiet moments, when we’re just sitting reading a book, or lying with our eyes closed listening to the sounds outside. From there we can understand so much.

Slow down, and taste life.


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